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Camden Biohackers


We believe that genetic engineering is at a technological inflection point similar to where computer hardware and software was in the late 1970's.  

If you're interested in Biohacking and live in South Jersey or Philadelphia, this group is for you. All skill levels are welcome; we will discuss protocols, home lab setup and more. We'll meet once a month and maintain a Slack channel for all interested parties.   


The Bionautica24 Charity Run was a big success! It is a virtual endurance relay where a team of relay runners will complete as many loops of the Bionautica's virtual course as possible. The event took place from December 9th at 10AM to 10AM the next day (EST). The event was streaming online via Twitch and we raised over $600 for the Child's Play Charity!

Here is video to the final laps.

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