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Making the everyday world an extraordinary playground!

Wearable Devices


Bionautica Trails transforms treadmill exercise by immersing runners in a living virtual world driven by real-time biometric data including heart rate, skin temperature, and galvanic skin response.  With the goal of increasing human performance through improved motivation, cognition and resilience, Bionatuca Trails integrates game-based challenges, light narrative, and compelling visuals pull users into the experience.  Support for props including a 20 or 40-pound weighted backpack adds additional realism while encouraging participants to push themselves beyond their perceived limits.

Virtual Reality (VR)


The ability to completely immerse users in artificial worlds has long been a dream of science fiction authors. With the advent of the current generation of VR systems, science fiction is quickly becoming reality. has partnered with Fox Chase Cancer Center to create SHARD, an easily deployable room-scale Virtual Reality experience using the HTC Vive that gives students hands-on experience with key microbiology protocols and related STEM concepts. We believe strongly in the power of narrative to help achieve learning objectives and are working to integrate a compelling story tightly with SHARD's gameplay and instructional elements.

Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR)

Devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens and Google Tango are laying the foundation for a revolution in computing and user interaction where the real and virtual worlds blend together to inform, entertain and heal. is a HoloLens Wave One developer and we are excited to begin exploring the ways in which we can leverage these systems to improve the quality of life for users.

Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things devices enable to extend the reach of our experiences into the physical world, immersing users in ways never before imagined. To explore the possibilities, has created Flint, a Bluetooth beacon based engagement platform designed with the flexibility necessary to imagine and implement game-based wellness and behavior change applications quickly and efficiently. Ember, a prototype utilizing the Flint framework, seeks to reduce the incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) via increased usage of hand sanitization stations. Ember transforms real-world locations into a Sci-Fi mystery where players must explore a dangerous derelict spacecraft in order to uncover the secret of what went wrong.

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